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Speedo Sensors


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Magnetic Pick Up is a sensor used in measurement of SPEED and RPM. Magnetic Pick Up is a inductive/ non-inductive type of sensor which generates frequency when the flux or magnetic field is disturned due to the teeth of rotating object made from magnetic material. An Electronic Circuit is assembled in to the Stainless Steel Body and then potted with polymer and Two Pin Connector or Cable is used for measurement of Output.   

Speed or RPM measurement of Engine.
Speed of wheel.
Anti braking system (ABS) measurement for braking.

Dispotronics offers a wide variety of Magnetic Pickup’s with variable length, waveforms, different logics, threading size and more.

Followinng Specifications of SPEEDO SENSORS Can Be Customized As Per Application

Input and output voltage
Threading and lenght specifications
Harness (With or Without)
Mating connector

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