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Tachometer/ Tacho-hour meter


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Tachometer/ Tacho-hour meter is a measuring device to determine the speed of a rotating object. The rotation speed is measured in “Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)” and displayed by an analogue dial or digital LCD/LED display. Tachometer takes the input from a magnetic pick up (sensor) in sine or square wave form and displays the RPM of the object.
Tacho-hour meter is a device which measures the RPM with respect to time. Dispotronics Tacho-hour meter has a special feature which starts counting time only when a certain or a predetermined RPM is reached. This makes it very effective during warrant claim as the time is measured only when the rotating object is at a certain RPM.
Tacho Generator is a device which is used when coupled with a rotating object generates standard frequencies which in turn displays as RPM on tachometer.

Dispotronics offers a wide range of Tachometer and Tacho-hour meter with different sensing technology.

Followinng Specifications of TACHOMETER Can Be Customized As Per Application

Square or Round

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