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Who Are We

We are Committed To Customer Satisfaction through Continual. Improvement and Believes In “Right First Time”

Our Mission

Design & Development of new Innovative Products for Exports and indigenization of new products for our Customers.

What We Do

Management will strive for achieving: 100 % delivery performance. Human Resource Development. Environment protection.

Our History

“Dispomed Group” was established in the 1987, by Dr. Yogesh Gurjar in Pune, India. He was an Instrumentation Engineer & had PhD in Cardiovascular Systems. “Dispomed Incorporate” began its journey in the field of biomedical engineering to build equipments required in Cardio Vascular surgeries. This gave a pathway to surgeons worldwide to use good quality low cost surgical equipments.

As time went by, “Dispomed Incorporate” which started as a surgical equipment manufacturing company started manufacturing industrial electronic, engineering and intrumentation parts. Currently the organisation has established itself worldwide with a wide range of products in the field of medicine, engineering and instrumentation.

In 1995 “Dispomed Group” launched, “Dispotronics” a QS 9001 and later an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified Organisation. “Dispotronics” has its major business in field of electronics, mechetronics and instrumentation. It is a leading manufacturer in the field of Sensors, Pickups, Flowmetery, Pumps, Tachometery and many more. Company exports its products worldwide to USA, UK, China, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Netherlands and many more.

“Dispomed Group” primarily focuses on innovation, design, quality and low cost products. With 35 years into the business, the company has evolved innovatively as per the requirement from the field of Biomedical Instrumentation to Disposable to Industrial Instrumentation/ Electronics and Mechetronics to Engineering Plastics.

Our 6-D Process


Identifying breakthrough opportunities through deep market insights to guide innovation.

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Setting clear objectives and success criteria to focus on targeted, impactful solutions.

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Merging creativity and precision to craft solutions that perfectly meet client needs.


Using advanced manufacturing to turn designs into high-quality, rigorously tested prototypes.


Ensuring seamless integration and support for optimal performance and immediate impact.


Exceeding expectations with timely, high-quality product delivery and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Awards & Certifications

Why Choose Us?

Dispotronics with its highly qualified team and latest technology equipments offers Research and Development facility. This facility is accessible to its existing customers as well as to new customers or others for new or existing products.
Dispotronics has a highly equipped manufacturing facility with various efficient and relaible manufacturing machines. Dispotronics manufactures all its products from start to end with this high end facility. Mancufacturing machines include CNC, Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Molding and more. Dispotronics itself has designed a few machines to suit its manufacturing process by designing user friendly, high reliability machines.

Dispotronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization thus focusing on establishing and maintaining quality control. Dispotronics has designed and built special quality testing devices for analysing all its products before providing to its customers.

We have been working on a new venture of providing Environmental testing for electronic or mechanical products to its existing customers as well as to new customers or others. Environmental tests include Temperature Cyclic (from -30°C to +300°C), Salt Fog/ Mist, HALT test. More monitoring, measurements testing devices are under construction to include tests such as Vibration, Shock, Humidity and more.
We understand the importance of saving costs and our techniques are precisely designed to make sure the customers receives the best margins from our side.

We have a highly experienced team of engineers who have a wide variety of experience in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Civil Engineering.

Developed Products
Happy Clients
Years of expertise

Dr. Yogesh Gurjar

Founder & Managing Director

(1986 – 2021)

Jayant Chaudhary

Jayant Chaudhary

Operations Director & Head

Nitin Joshi

Nitin Joshi

Senior GM – Finance & Accounting

Sandip Jangam

Sandip Jangam

Head of Quality Assurance

Shantanu Gurjar

Shantanu Gurjar

Business Growth & Marketing

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Rupali Tikone

Accounting & Taxation

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Tejas Bhagat

Quality Assurance

Sham Patil

Sham Patil

Production & Manufacturing Head

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Vaibhav Naik


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Dhanaji Ghatage

Inventory & Store Management

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Nitin Shigvan

Seal Brush Plant – Manufacturing

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Vaishnavi Sathe

Research & Development

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Abdul Shaikh

Electronics Assembly Unit

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Namdev Pavaskar

Electronics Assembly Unit

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Janhavi Shigwan

Sales & Planning